What did they say about Metin?
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Diversity 2

Acrylic 40" X 30"

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Once upon a time, the world was so perfect the Magnificent Lord,

as perfect as an invisible point, fell asleep out of boredom.

And in Her sleep, the Magnificent Lord was bored again because

everything was so much alike, there was nothing to see in Her dream...

So the first thing She did after waking up, was to create the circle.

That brought a twitch of recognition to Her totally serene and blank face.

Then She created the square. Now, that felt better.

The square was followed by rectangle and triangle. She felt the

flutter of a smile swim across Her sparkling face.

Then she said, "Oh, why not?" and ...

the gates of Her divine imagination blew open!

Out came the stars, the spirals, the hexagons, corkscrews, pentagons,

octogons, spidery things, tree-like bings, oblong orbits, zampoola

humpadikozings, hoooraa papalonga frujagobangs, and even jumping

jimminy zingwaazings !!!

(My thousand faces are my thousand ways to say Thank You for Being Me.)